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1. Minotaur (Live) Lyrics

Minotaur (Live) Lyrics

In a dawning pale age of infernal works of treachery A demonic bull god is revered and worshipped In the shores of a territory doomed to embrace The fury of the mighty sea god's curse A broken oath i

2. Vicious Wrath (Live) Lyrics

Vicious Wrath (Live) Lyrics

Wrath of primeval madness Forged from vicious roots Timeless existence plagued soul I vindicate the renegade ones Full moon serpent spirit Emerging in days of vindication Ravager fatherless inexorabl

3. Ravager (Live) Lyrics

Ravager (Live) Lyrics

Damned kingdom of fertility and creation - darkned destiny yet strengthened with the power of gods - underworld awaits hunger lord of pestilence and flies - infiltrator of plague defy the raging of go

4. Blood of Lions (Live) Lyrics

Blood of Lions (Live) Lyrics

See me coming from beyond the mortal light Flying high on the wings of the cursed time Here it comes like a deadly thunderstorm Decimating my enemies at dawn Here I stand and draw a line - my existenc

5. Vengeances Revelation (Live) Lyrics

Vengeances Revelation (Live) Lyrics

Fire burning unfolding a revelation As my body melts away in a sacred pyre Entering soul in the realms of forgotness Heritage from earth's pain Infinite blackness in the kingdom of death Black spirits

6. The Will to Potency (Live) Lyrics

The Will to Potency (Live) Lyrics

Battering at battling of every move - knocking down the walls in front of me Reciting the rites of this evil energy - eliminate the weak with hateful potency Spirit of negation throughout the centurie

7. Descending Abomination (Live) Lyrics

Descending Abomination (Live) Lyrics

Descending abomination – Ethereal execution Spiritual damned plague – Infesting like a cancer Transcending, decaying in my body and spirit Blackening suffocating, envenoming of my memories Disturb

8. Combustion Inferno (Live) Lyrics

Combustion Inferno (Live) Lyrics

An ominous, scorching maelstrom surges To feed and blow the dry storm Multiple lightning strikes viciously hitting the ground Tornadic winds at great speeds ignite the fire front Hot gas rises up to

9. Kings of Killing (Live) Lyrics

Kings of Killing (Live) Lyrics

Living and dying for the bloody truth Inflicting rebellion in endless conflict Releasing the fury of the hammers of doom Immortal attempt for the mass genocide Irreverence before gods and hopes Tyrant

10. Ton courage est un lion (Session Live aux Planet Studios) Lyrics

Ton courage est un lion (Session Live aux Planet Studios) Lyrics

There's a light A certain kind of light That never shone on me I want my life to be Lived with you Lived with you There's a way everybody say To do each and every little thing But what does it bring I

11. Dio in Rio (Live 2010) Lyrics

Dio in Rio (Live 2010) Lyrics

Kid Rock in Rostock Queen in Wien Biohazard im Spessart Aber Dio in Rio Slayer in Marbella Slayer in Marbella Dio in Rio Dio in Rio Jethro Tull in Schwäbisch Hall Jethro Tull in Schwäbisch Hall Ni

12. C'est Dans L'air [Live] Lyrics

C'est Dans L'air [Live] Lyrics

Vanité c'est laid Trahison c'est laid Lâcheté c'est laid Délation c'est laid La cruauté c'est laid La calomnie c'est laid L'âpreté c'est laid L'infamie c'est laid Les cabossé

13. Holy Diver (Live) Lyrics

Holy Diver (Live) Lyrics

Hmm hmm Yeah, yeah Holy diver You've been down too long in the midnight sea Oh what's becomin' of me Ride the tiger You can see his stripes but you know he's clean Oh don't you see what I mean Gotta

14. Stand Up and Shout (Live) Lyrics

Stand Up and Shout (Live) Lyrics

It's the same old song You've gotta be somewhere at sometime They never let you fly It's like broken glass You get cut before you see it So open up your eyes You've got desire So let it out

16. Straight Through the Heart (Live) Lyrics

Straight Through the Heart (Live) Lyrics

Hanging from the cobwebs in you mind It looks like a long, long way to fall No one ever told me life was kind I guess I never heard it, never heard it all Living in a world of make believe I can

17. Rainbow in the Dark (Live) Lyrics

Rainbow in the Dark (Live) Lyrics

The Rainbow in the Dark When there's lightning – you know it always bring me down Cause it's free and I see that it's me Who's lost and never found I cry out for magic – see it floating in the ligh

18. We Rock (Live) Lyrics

We Rock (Live) Lyrics

For you this song is called WE ROCK You watch their faces And you'll see the traces Of the things they want to be But only we can see They come for killing They leave and still it seems The cloud th